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New Nonets

As promised, I have included the nonets that were sent to me at my last post’s request.  The first one called “Star” is mine and was done at a friend, Jane Voorhees’  request to try an upside down nonet in order to make a Christmas tree shaped poem. Then Jane, using old-fashioned letter press equipment, formed the words and with a swipe of a watercolor brush, formed a beautiful little Christmas card. This is the fun and beauty of collaboration.

Snaps the cold
Air whitened by
Sifting snow. Red bird
Flutters in her night’s nest
Suggests holly berry bright.
Black trunks cast long shadows against
Drifts while stars drape boughs in mystery.

Below are the nonets readers submitted. The submissions are all quite good and prove the point that surprising things can happen when we fit our words into a form. It was very hard to choose a winner from these great nonets, so I put the names in a hat and drew one out. The winner is Pamela Hill. She wins a copy of “Saved by a Poem: The Transformative Power of Words” by Kim Rosen. Congratulations and enjoy!

Lucid once, then often not, she leaves
more quickly now, frightened by a
shadow, spark, or spot, she’s off
to wander isles of blue,
then asks “Where are we
now?” “Who are you?”
I’m missing
her, a
(A nonet by Pamela Lee Hill, Nov. 2012)


 Waiting for my Eye Exam
 An old hand, wrinkled skin drapes on bones,
creped fingers curl softly around
two younger hands — a picture
in a magazine I
use to pass the time.
Tears sting my eyes —
I see my
by Ann Teague
Aging in Place 
Cruel alarm shatters the darkness of early morning sleep.
Full moon spies paper tossed carelessly on wet lawn.
Fresh coffee, soon your doctor we greet.
Relentless pain, crippling spirit, mind, body.
Constant love the only drug
Binding us past reason
Hope and fear
You are
 © Jeanne M. Sievert 12/1/12 /3/12
Semester’s End
No more hikes up the hill to Hogwarts.
No more challenges to old rules
of writing, of power, of
living a successful
life.  Teacher, you led
my heart through the
stone shower
 —Jan M.  VanSchuyver  12/6/2012
My Sundowner

She asks my name like we have not met.
Cloudy eyes gaze, her hand comes up
To brush my cheek and the tear…
Mother, it’s your daughter.
Barb? Where have you been?
Here mom, right here.
Who are you?
Mom, it’s

—Barb Wallace


Stoney grey, the weather holds us in
Doors cordon off drafty windows
Steamy cup of joe to warm
And blanket in my lap
A cozy corner
In well lit room
thaws my
—Susan R.
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  • Thank you so much, Mendy. Yes, all of these nonets are superb. I LOVE your card with the Star poem, and I’m really enjoying the book you gave to me. Thank you!

  • Thank you Pamela for your wonderful nonet, and for your poetic participation in HOWL. I hope the book serves as an inspiration through the winter months as you work on your house. And thank you to all who submitted nonets. You are wonderful writers and I love scrolling down the page to read nonet after nonet. Too bad we didn’t have nine, but six is an upside down nine, after all!