ABC’s for an April Fool

Letters can change your life.
Put them together one way
tell a story.
Put them together another
make a list:
what to get at the grocery store
all you have to do today
New Year’s resolutions.
Letters scrambled in a certain order say:
pissed off and polarized
If you recite the alphabet backwards
you will not be arrested for DUI.
Scary to those of us who can’t,
but do not DUI.
Does this mean we’re dyslexic,
or is this when dyslexia pays off?
Practice putting letters together, you will find:
foreign languages
Yes, love in a letter
made with letters
can change your life forever.
Eighteen years ago
I did this; it worked.
It freaked me out.
Still going on.
One letter signed
“An April Fool.”
Typeset for life.
Eighteen years and this will always be true.
Two years ago on this same day
I took a dare, stringing letters together
every day for 30 days.
Thirty poems in 30 days
Changed my life. Forever, too.
Now, April will never be normal again.
I have to decide each year if I will
(and, of course, “I do still
love you”)
write a poem every day
for 30 days again.
Two years have passed since then with a
“Nah, not this year.”
But because I know I can now,
having done it before, it’s hard.
This thing I have with letters
forces me to remember
be careful with your ABC’s.
Poetry, like love
can change your life.
Forever. C?

by Mendy Knott, April 1, 2016